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Brixton Pool Table

About Brixton Pool Table

The Brixton Table from Brunswick Billiards features a sturdy yet streamlined design that showcases clean lines and a unique “X” foundation. The table also featured a contemporary look that’s nicely balanced with hammered metal details and an antiqued finish that gives the table a feel of exceptional quality and playability.

The Brunswick Brixton Table’s sleek contemporary design also highlights the table’s warm natural patterns and rough-hewn texture of the wood used to create it. To further enhance the table’s unique features and driftwood finish, customers can also choose the cloth color.

About Brunswick Billiards

Join the elite ranks of presidents, movie stars and entrepreneurs with the world’s most premium games tables from Brunswick.

Available in Asia exclusively through Seara Sports, the Brunswick collection boasts the ultimate luxury billiards and sports tables. An entire US heritage has been crafted into every single piece, with 175 years of tradition and expertise.

Through patented designs, Brunswick billiards tables are engineered for the smoothest play with unparalleled materials and precision. Its craftsmanship makes it the brand of choice for tournaments. Its elegant reputation makes it the brand of desire for discerning players, hotels, residences and clubs.

Purchasing from Seara Sports ensures a lifetime guarantee on all Brunswick pieces, alongside skilled Brunswick trained technicians.

All that’s left to do is enjoy the finer things in life.

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