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ForceUSA G12 Multigym


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Here are key features of the ForceUSA G12 Multigym:

  • Provides an exceptional 9 machines in 1 (including Power Rack, Smith Machine, Cable Crossover/ Functional Trainer, Multi-Grip Chin up Bar, Leg Press, Dip Station, Core Trainer)
  • Supports a maximum weight of 450kg, pushing you to your limits on big compound movements such as squats, overhead and presses
  • Uses a 1:1 pulley ratio, requiring fewer weight plates and allowing for a higher weight limit
  • The Cable Crossover uses dual 90.5kg weight stacks with high-quality aircraft grade cables to withstand a maximum load of 909kg
  • The chart included in the package demonstrates 35 different exercises for safe and rewarding workouts
  • J-hooks and spotting arms are coated in a Polymer layer to protect barbells

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ForceUSA G12 Multigym

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Additional information

Weight 438 kg
Dimensions 202 × 150 × 223 cm