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Balanced Body Pilates Ladder Barrel

The Balanced Body® Pilates Ladder Barrel is a complete studio essential. It combines ladder rungs with a barrel surface for serious core conditioning, core stability, stretching, and strengthening exercises. The Ladder Barrel is also a great tool to use to increase flexibility.

The barrel connects to the ladder by a sliding base that adjusts to accommodate different torso sizes and leg lengths. With three levels of height, your students can practice on all levels: low, medium and high.

Key Features of Balanced Body Pilates Ladder Barrel:

  • Padding offers optimal comfort, stability and support, especially for certain exercises that require the user to be in the prone or side-lying position
  • Ladder can be adjusted to 10″ (25 cm) to accommodate different torso sizes and leg length
  • Grab bar located beneath the barrel helps in enhancing flexibility
  • Reinforced frame of Rock Maple ensures durability and years of heavy use