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Balanced Body Pilates Trapeze Table

The Trapeze Table supports fitness and rehabilitation for all ages and abilities. This pilates equipment will add an extraordinary number of exercises to your Pilates repertoire – from basic movements to gentle, spring-assisted sit-ups to advanced acrobatics.

Balanced Body Trapeze Tables are engineered for maximum stability, efficient adjustment and safe use for both instructor and client. Our Trapeze Table base remains solidly constructed with lapped and fitted joints for maximum stability. Sliding cross bars feature self-lubricating, greaseless bearings for ease of movement and provide numerous positions for spring attachments. They are locked in place with plastic-tipped screws, preventing burrs that hinder slider movement. The trapeze bar also comes with padded spring sleeves and a cotton canopy loop.

About The Trapeze Table

It is believed that Joseph Pilates, a German physical trainer, created the trapeze table to help bed-bound patients exercise using springs and straps. Benefits of using the trapeze table include:

  • core stability
  • spine mobility
  • increased upper body strength
  • shoulder and scapular stability
  • posture correction
  • improved coordination
  • increased balance



Table surface height, including upholstery: 25.5” (65cm).
Table width: 29” (74cm).
Width, including push-through bar adjustment knobs: 30.25” (76cm).
Table length: 81” (206cm), plus 4.5” (11cm) for canopy brackets.
Trapeze frame height (from top to floor): 86.5” (220cm).
Weight: 190 lbs (86kg).


  • One pair each: single D-ring cotton loops, adjustable thigh cuffs and adjustable ankle cuffs.

  • One pair lambswool fuzzies with long cotton webs.

  • Belly strap: black, cotton webbing.