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Laykold Tennis Hard Courts

Laykold is transforming tennis court performance with Force Reduction courts; our goal is to reduce player & coach injury and fatigue by providing a surface that encourages and enables more play:
Laykold Force Reduction hard courts offer 15-21% force reduction

Over 10 years they retain 98% of their cushion resiliency, while old cushion court technology losses its cushioning in 2-3 years

All courts feature Laykold’s US Open-quality topcoats

We’re giving players the performance, consistency, pace and color of hard court tennis, plus the easy-on-your-body benefits usually associated with clay or grass with our Force Reduction Revolution.

Force Reduction = Less fatigue
Force Reduction = Injury prevention
Force Reduction = More play

Our Masters Float, Masters 5, Masters Gel courts are giving players a lifetime of better tennis.