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Octane Fitness Cross Trainers

Octane’s exclusive SmartStride interactive ergonomics analyze an exerciser’s pace and direction, and automatically adjust the stride length to replicate walking, jogging and running for greater comfort, variety and challenge. Octane’s zero-impact cardio machines are precisely designed based on human biomechanics to replicate natural motions like walking, jogging and running. Close pedal spacing of 1.8 feet (54cm) ensures that the body is properly aligned from head to toe, minimizing the stress on the lower back and joints.

One of the trademark attributes of Octane Fitness ellipticals is that exercisers are able to challenge themselves with intense workouts, yet still feel good both during and after their routines.

Now with a wider stride range from 20 inches (50cm) to 28 inches (71cm), the XT4700 accommodates members of all heights and different stride preferences for customized, natural motion.