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Outdoor Wellness & Play Systems

Outdoor exercise areas have become an integral part of any development amenity program as much weight behind them now as indoor ones, especially when it comes to fitness centres, hotels and resorts and new housing developments looking to boost their credentials. Designed to get people moving who might not ordinarily venture to an indoor gym, they embrace nature as the backdrop to promote a longer workout.

Seara is a specialist in building outdoor fitness and play areas from European firms MyEquilibria and Kompan. The Italian company, MyEquilibria, has design at its heart and focuses on functional and body-weight training. Taking ideas from nature for the creation, it is designed to engage people to use the equipment as well as make a statement.

Kompan, a Danish company, encourages an abundance of mental and physical skills when using its outdoor areas. Ranging from children’s playgrounds to fitness areas, Kompan areas are custom built for any outdoor space.