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SEARA is the exclusive distributor of Laykold hardcourt tennis surfaces, the most advanced tennis system in the world. Hence, SEARA is the leading supplier in South East Asia to construct and resurface ITF and ATF approved tennis facilities.

For grass courts Seara exclusively distributes and installs surfaces by industry-leading synthetic turf manufacturer ACT Global. By partnering with ACT Global, Seara delivers a high-quality alternative to natural grass courts via a product that combine innovative shock absorbent, low abrasion and slip resistance technology with minimum maintenance and affordable installation.

Tennis courts in hot climates can benefit from clay surfaces which are renowned for their minimum stress impact, slower ball speed and for players to develop longer rallies. Seara is one of Southeast Asia’s leading distributors of real clay tennis surface systems, specialising in building and maintaining surfaces. Many players favour real clay courts for the softness underfoot and shock absorption that reduces stress and potential injuries to the leg joints and muscles. Imported from Europe, the material is made from crushed brick, shale or stone, with a top layer of finely crushed particles. This results in a slower speed to hard and grass courts and enables a controlled slide, which is ideal for players who prefer a more controlled game with longer rallies. The surface is better suitable to unpredictable weather conditions as it allow for play during light rain, while repairs to clay courts are also relatively inexpensive.

Not only will Seara lay the surface, there is the option for us to provide maintenance during its lifetime as well as providing a full warranty.

Leveraging off almost 30 years of expertise, Seara professionally tests every surface to ensure it can withstand the region’s tropical climate and will require minimum maintenance.