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Jumeirah Maldives

Jumeirah Maldives Tennis Court

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Acti-Motive Bio-Interactive Color Zone

Acti Motive Bio Interactive Color Zone 1

Tracking power data, cadence, heart rate, and speed, the complex data is converted to an interactive and colorful light display of the performance data. The ambiance of class exercise will never be the same again, now running to the rhythm of heart rate, power and speed. Products and Services

Acti-Motive Performance Tracking

Acti Motive Performance Tracking 1

Its easy-to-use online technology connects professionals with clients for virtual and studio classes, provides incredible workout feedback and ensures personal targets are kept on track. With Acti-Motive, creating individualised workouts, training programmes and goal-specific classes has never been easier. Simply input the target information and the system will help with the rest. Products and Services

Acti-Motive Club Software Application

Acti Motive Club Software Application 3

Previous Next Engaging your valuable members through a smartphone app run on both IOS and Android. The white label app provides the flexibility to customize the interface with your facility’s logo to make it your own. The app can help your members find the best exercise class or book their favorite personal trainer. It comes […]

Thana City

Thana City 1

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