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Power Plate Pulse


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The new Power Plate Pulse is our most powerful targeted vibration device yet.

  • Helps relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles
  • Enhances range of motion
  • Promotes blood flow and fascia release

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Power Plate Pulse

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The new Power Plate Pulse is our most powerful targeted vibration device yet.

The improved Pulse now bests the competition on every measure: It has an industry-leading six vibration intensity levels, longer-lasting 6-hour battery life from a single charge, is the quietest among leading brands, and is 20% lighter than its predecessor. The Pulse also includes 6 unique attachments to optimize preparation and recovery. Each feature has been thoughtfully designed to ensure users are getting the best-in-class experience.

Another significant feature of the new Pulse is the addition of the new antimicrobial coating, which helps stop the spread of everyday germs and bacteria.

With 6 unique attachments you can use the small ball for feet, calves, shoulders, traps, and upper back pain relief. The large ball attachment targets the lower body, quads, and glutes. The small flat attachment is ideal for deep muscle relief in the biceps and triceps. Using the large flat attachment improves muscle health in the chest and pectoral muscles and the fork and thumb attachments are perfect for forearm muscle tension release.

Using the Pulse pre and post-workout helps relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles, release fascia, and promote blood flow to help you both warm up faster and recover more quickly.

The Power Plate Pulse now includes a protective padded carrying case to keep accessories and massage attachments in one place. Perfect for travel and storage!



  • Battery Time 2 Hours
  • Level 1: 4-5 Hours
  • Level 4: 2-3 Hours


น้ำหนัก 1.12 กก.


Charging Method

AC Charging

Vibration Levels

4 Standard, Ascending Intensity Levels