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Thiết bị tập tim mạch Integrity Series của Life Fitness

The new Integrity Series is designed and revamped for facilities that require robust cardio equipment that is simple and intuitive for exercisers. It is rooted in Life Fitness’ existing and proven Integrity line, the most reliable cardio equipment in the fitness industry, which combines extreme durability with ease of serviceability. To accommodate the growing fitness industry and the customization needs of facilities, the line allows facilities to choose their preferred product configuration when prioritizing prices and features.

About Life Fitness

Life Fitness transforms facilities to create memorable experiences for your clientele. With Life Fitness commercial fitness equipment, your gym aligns itself with the goal of creating innovative fitness solutions that can seamlessly connect to a wide range of entertainment and fitness apps.

Life Fitness offers an extensive line of innovative indoor cycling equipment and performance strength training equipment that expert trainers and Life Fitness expert consultants can use to provide clients with transformative fitness solutions and a comprehensive wellness experience.