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Algeria 8ft Billiards Table


Mã sản phẩm BR-28621801350 Loại sản phẩm Brand:

Bàn Bi-a 8 Chân, Tái bản Giai đoạn 1906 với Giá treo tường.

A limited-edition reproduction of a 1906 original, brought to life again by Brunswick’s expert craftsmen. The stylish exterior is built from solid American hardwood crafted in classic lines to create a collector’s item from a bygone era. Inside is every modern innovation supporting accurate play that distinguishes a Brunswick. The matching cue rack holds up to 7 cues and a cue rest.

Giá bao gồm bất kỳ màu nào của Vải Brunswick Centennial trị giá 10.000 THB
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Algeria 8ft Billiards Table

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Thông tin b? sung

Kích th??c 244 × 122 cm

8 feet x 4 feet

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Cloth Colour

Available in any of 14 standard colours. Contact your Seara sales representative for more information.