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Planning, Supplying, and Building Asia’s Recreational Infrastructure

Sports Engineering And Recreation Asia Ltd (Seara) has been creating strategic partnerships in the business to business economic sectors of Indo China and East Asia for over twenty years. Presently the company has eleven offices in eight countries and over 220 employees. From its Bangkok, Thailand base Seara, has steadily pursued organic growth of its unique business model by investing in bordering developing markets, creating value through business process improvement, and performing by optimizing logistics, customer service, and corporate culture across our markets. The impetus for this organic growth followed naturally the objectives of the Asean Economic Community and Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor when the company established its 5,000 square meter Regional Distribution Center just outside Bangkok. Today Seara is a trusted business partner with thirty years’ experience planning, engineering, and supplying “superior value” fitness, athletic, sports, and recreational products and facilities to a wide variety of business partners.