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Fitness Technology

The Gamification Of Wellness

Icaros is the ultimate technology in the gamification of wellness. Merging virtual reality with beneficial core workouts in a way that both entertains and places the body through a series of positions that tone core, back, leg, and arm muscles while engaging neurological functions for increased coordination. Two products in particular are suitable for home, studios or gyms. The Icaros Home combines fitness and virtual reality putting the user in a plank position to fly or dive through amazingly engaging virtual worlds as pilot of their own craft. The Icaros Cloud is an inflatable, digitally connected training device for full body workouts that develop core muscles, coordination and balance through instable exercises on the Icaros cloud. Icaros Cloud uses either a free App or Pro App to provide interactive exercises by sports scientists and professional trainers as well as yoga and Pilates-inspired exercises.

Connected Fitness – Enhancing User Engagement On-Line, On-Cloud, On-App

Seara is at the industry forefront in providing solutions and products for active commercial fitness centers, inactive or passive facilities, wellness centers, and home users who want to utilize the latest in digital connective technology to enhance their programs and experience. There are now many solutions both open and proprietary to measure power, track performance, analyze data and results to date, diversify personal training programs, or join in and enjoy workouts with other group sessions. For both cardiovascular and strength, the alignment is the same-create the workout, log onto the equipment, get workout feedback from the equipment and on an app, and follow and track workout summaries over time.

The key to using connected fitness is to turn all that measurement, data, experiential personal programs, and group programs into inspiration to convert engagement into a lifestyle for healthy living. Seara can help you with world class products, solutions, and answers to questions so that you can set your own level of engagement for your organization or yourself.