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Commercial Fitness

Quality Assets And Profit Centers

Seara is the market leader in supplying quality world standard commercial fitness equipment. Among many quality brands represented by Seara in the regional market, Life Fitness is the premier International brand in this industry. Seara is the oldest distributor for life Fitness in the Asia Pacific region having represented this brand since 1991. Life Fitness has is roots in the invention of the first exercise bike, the Lifecycle, in 1968. Today Life Fitness is the largest fitness company in the world with over 1700 employees and twelve manufacturing facilities around the world.

As Seara prides itself in its ability to help its clients plan each project according to competitive and market position and purpose. Seara is more than a trading company representing a single major brand and believes no one single brand can provide the best and most innovative products across the ever-changing dynamic of today’s health and fitness industry. The products that Seara represents are products we ourselves would invest in if we were the operator trying to lead our market. Seara will not sell a piece of equipment that cannot be fully serviced by ourselves. This is our guarantee to our customers to keep their investments in top condition increasing both lifespan and profitability.