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Product Code: ICA-201001-B-1/3, ICA-201002-W-1/3 Category: Brand:

ICAROS combines fitness and virtual reality to deliver versatile full-body training to users, making it the home fitness equipment of the 21st century. It enables users to fly or dive through various virtual worlds, which creates exciting workout sessions. With ICAROS Home, different muscle groups, with a focus on upper body, shoulder muscles and core muscles, are strengthened each session.
The devices are optimized for home use and can be installed almost everywhere. They are lightweight and built to last. ICAROS Home units have been awarded for their unique exercise experience.

  • The Virtual Reality training experience for Your home
  • Effective training for coordination, balance and a healthy back
  • VR eSports competition with other ICAROS pilots worldwide via online multiplayer platform. Participation to online games are absolutely free
  • Small footprint, lightweight design, low maintenance
  • Compatible with VR headsets, screens and tablets
  • Numerous gaming and training experiences are available, including the ultimate challenge
  • Private use only


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Here are the key features of the ICAROS Home System:

  • VR Training platform allows double muscle stimulation during a workout
  • Variable planking position enables users to perform dynamic exercises, burning 30% more calories than by ordinary planking
  • Award-winning German design and engineering
  • ICAROS Home offers an engaging VR training experience through equipment that has a light and compact design
  • ICAROS Multiplayer allows user to compete live with other ICAROS users
  • ICAROS App offers wide range of engaging exercises and games to build muscles and improve endurance
  • Uninterrupted VR display for continuous immersive use
  • Scaleable workout intensity and resistance makes the equipment accessible for all user levels
  • The complete set includes a headset and preloaded exercise games developed for the system
  • Battery charge lasts for up to six hours
  • Fast recharging, needing just 30 minutes

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 172 × 90 × 86 cm
Maximum User Weight

110 kg